Prayer of Saint Francis

Fine Art Prints by Sherrie Lovler

The original art of this Prayer of Saint Francis print is hand-lettered in beautiful calligraphy by Sherrie Lovler. Each letter is carefully crafted paying close attention to both the letter form and the space between the letters. The style is a round, open Roman, with Sherrie’s individual touch to create an easy-to-read style at any size reproduction.

With the lettering finished, Sherrie designs the painted border using watercolor and ink. It is designed to look like an abstraction of a landscape, with the kind of softness and sense of peace that Saint Francis might have enjoyed. This is then produced into giclée prints on archival paper printed with lightfast inks.

The care Sherrie takes in creating the work is matched with the care she takes in matting and framing. All acid-free mats and backing board are used and the frames are solid wood. The matted prints come packaged in a plastic slip. The framed art is protected by glass and boxed, ready to give as a gift to make you proud.
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