Collaborative paintings with Elsa Marley. Elsa has been a
collaborative artist since 1987 when she began with a Shanghai
artist is China. Sherrie began studying with Elsa in 2003.

Colorado Blues-left Colorado Blues-right Wild Geese Temple Bell

These paintings are 2x4 feet rice paper on canvas. Elsa Marley describes the process:

"Technically, we first create a palette board of areas of water broken by ink and color. These have different chemical reactions to each other: some paints are heavier, some more transparent. Chinese ink has a gumminess that reacts to the water and each different color. Once the palette begins to reflect a combination of wet and dry, we each take an end of the paper and dip it into the palette lifting and dipping together until the paper is saturated. The composition develops spontaneously as we go along. The dance with the paper becomes the space between us. We react to the nature of the materials and the image as it appears on our paper. When it works there is a great feeling of communication, much like musicians share when improvising together."

After the paper is prepared and mounted on canvas, Sherrie brings her calligraphic touch to some of the paintings. In Wild Geese, the letters were drawn 1-1/2 inches tall and carefully painted between and within each letter.

Original canvases are $4,000 each. Giclée signed and numbered prints are available
18 x 24" for $600 each. Contact Sherrie for more information. Click here to see the paintings of Elsa Marley.

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